Sandy Lake

Bylaws and Policies







Councillor Code of Conduct Bylaw 01-2018

Public Participation Policy PPP001-18

Policy I-001 Remuneration

Policy II-001 Expenses

Property Tax Bylaw 02-2018

Penalty Unpaid Tax Bylaw 03-2018

Procedure Bylaw 04-2016

Outlines requirements for public discussion at regular Council meetings section 4.8 - these will be followed by Council without exception.

Property Tax Bylaw 05-2017

Property Tax Bylaw 01-2016

Sandy Beach Land Use Bylaw 02 2012 - Official Copy Consolidated To June 8, 2013

Open Burning Fire Bylaw

Dog Bylaw 07-2009

Noise Bylaw

Traffic Bylaw

Off Road Vehicle Bylaw

MDP (2013)

Nuisance Unsightly Bylaw

FOIP Guide Meetings & Council

Council Meetings Guidelines

Alberta Government

Council Meetings Guidelines

Municipal Affairs

Sturgeon County Fire Services Agreement

New Fire Service Provider January 2015

Standard Fire Operating Procedures (1)

Standard Fire Operating Procedures (2)