Sandy Lake

Animal Control


Animal Control in Sandy Beach is enforced under Bylaw 07-2009 see the bylaw section under the Municipal Info tab

  • Please call the Alberta SPCA at 1-800-455-9003 to report ALL dogs without a lease or stray animals not in proper care as they, the SPCA will send the regional detachment to deal with this problem outside the city of Edmonton boundaries.
  • Alberta SPCA will deal with strays regardless and are stringent in placing their animals and pets and has reduced their euthanasia rates by 50% so the animals will be well placed.
  • Currently they require onsite reporting and has responded with success in the Village in the Summer (2018) so far.
  • Please report stray dogs and pets and keep their number handy on your device so you can report a problem right away.
  • All owners must clean up after their pets and if they fail to do so their stray pets will be reported.


Dog Bylaw 07-2009