Sandy Lake


A Big thank you to the following Volunteers for the beautiful work on our flower pots throughout the Village June 2018:

Rainy Noyes

Rebecka Caroll

Carrie Harney

A big thank you to these residents.


A big thank you to all users and renters of the Hall for cleaning up nicely throughout the year so far.


REMEMBER JUNE 23 @ 10 am is the Fire Smart OPEN HOUSE at the Hall. All public welcome.


When power outage and downed trees have been reported to Fortis Alberta and a emergency crew had been dispatched with next available responders to visit sites  - PLEASE stay away at least 33ft from any downed power line and trees.  Response time 6-12 hours


Dogs - for stray dogs please immediately report to the Morinville area clinic and SPCA at (780) 939-3133