Sandy Lake


Employment opportunities in the Village





The Village has elected the following Volunteers in these Committees:

  • 2 members FCSS (Gordon Drybrough - elected official) - Wayne Anderson (Chairperson) and Sue Willox-Hidson (Public Member) Feb 15, 2018 elected
  • 2 members Fire Smart Program (Gordon Drybrough - elected official) - Mike Buda and Alison Jackson Feb 15, 2018 elected

The Recreation League is CURRENTLY looking for support and Volunteers (Marian & Michael)

FCSS is currently recruiting for the Chairperson position - please support this valuable service - work commitment - very moderate - Volunteer opportunity only - will boost resume - young people and students please apply:

Please help in supporting these very valuable support services in our beautiful community.

  • Questions: 780.967.2873